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Wandsworth went to Sutton
18 Apr, 2018

A team from Wandsworth European Movement went to Sutton for the People's Vote on 14 April to help support Sutton's Open Britain branch.

The new alliance between national pro-European groups decided to make Sutton one of the focuses of the wider national campaign and as such, the local group needed support to help deal with all the new volunteers and national media interest. Whilst we usually run a campaign day each month in Wandsworth & Merton, it seemed appropriate to support our friends in Open Britain and Sutton on this occasion.
Wandsworth Campaign Officer Ben Austin said "Sutton's invitation was a great opportunity for us to get out to a London borough where Leavers and Remainers are split down the middle, where our volunteers could both support a fellow pro-European group and also engage with a wider cross section of Leave-voting people.  Our team set up on the busy pedestrianised high street, along with about 30 other volunteers from the area and South London".
Our campaign group is really rather lucky to have such a supportive population in Wandsworth and Merton, but we need to always remember that the fight is nationwide and that we should do all that we can to help support and grow the fight elsewhere, where we can.

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