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The Most Popular Stand
16 Sep, 2018

On 15 September a bunch of happy campaigners took the Brexitometer to the Battersea Square Summer Party. The Square and surrounding streets were filled with street stalls.

Thanks to the warm September sun crowds had come out to enjoy the music, food and information from local clubs and political parties. Debbie Apostolides, the organiser of the big event, said that ours was the most popular stand.

The Brexitometer is a great tool to get spontaneous interest from passers-by. They stop to have a look, take a photograph, then realise they can also make their mark - no matter if they are pro or anti Brexit. In Battersea we had an overwhelming display of people's concern about life after Brexit.

Parents took the opportunity to teach their children about democracy.

People were queuing up to make their mark.

Councillor Peter Dawson stopped by to show his support.

Exhausted but content campaigners with two full Brexitometer charts, both showing a very clear message. Some people even put their stickers in the far left margin to show their worries for what Brexit will mean for their future.

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