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The Brexitometer Tells It Loud and Clear
24 Jul, 2018

It's been a long, hot summer so far, perfect weather for a street stall by the Thames in Putney! Starting at 11, we set up outside the Farmer's Market by St Mary's Church with a large team of volunteers from across Wandsworth and Merton, our task being to talk about Brexit and the need for a People's Vote.

We were promoting the People's Vote Petition, which is getting very close to it's target of 250,000 signatures. We also introduced the Brexitometer.

The Brexitometer was incredibly popular, drawing queues of people keen to have their say on how they think about Brexit. In recent weeks volunteer groups have been running similar events up and down the country, with similar results. It seems whatever way people voted in the Referendum and 2017's election, very few think it is going well, or that Brexit will improve any aspect of their lives. The overwhelming response being that the current chaotic rush towards a No Deal or Hard Brexit by extremists in government isn't going to help anyone.

The Brexitometer shows Putney's views.So what's next? We'll be out campaigning across the two boroughs regularly, working towards ensuring this decision about our future isn't just a matter for the Vote Leave Establishment sitting in Parliament, the extremists of the European Research Group & Leave EU or the Brexit newspapers. This started with a People's Vote and it'll be finished with a People's Vote and every month that passes we grow in strength locally and across Britain.

It pleases us no end that Ms Justine Greening, MP for Putney, is now speaking up for a People's Vote. We need to continuously show her and the other MPs in our area that their constituents support their work for a People's Vote. Why not come join us?

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