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Stop protecting Mrs May, Stephen Hammond!
25 Jan, 2019

MP Stephen Hammond’s column in the Wimbledon Times sadly contributes no new proposals to resolve the impasse which Theresa May has created following her historic defeat in Parliament last week. 

His comments simply state what the majority of residents in Wimbledon and Merton already know: a ‘no deal’ Brexit will be catastrophic in terms of the impact on the economy, trade and the movement of key goods such as food and medicines. 

He states that MPs must decide how to protect our national interest and find the option that has majority support. Following the vote on January 11th surely he can see that this is doomed to fail. The EU member states have clearly stated that the deal currently on the table cannot be changed, whatever the Prime Minister imagines might happen. 

The Government has failed all of us – those who voted to Leave and those who voted to Remain. This is in no small part due to the fact that the Leave campaign was based on disinformation and outright lies. The deal was voted down by MPs because it does not meet anyone’s vision of what Brexit was about. Far from providing stability, this deal stands to extend for years to come the debate on what basis and under which rules we should form our future trading relationship with the rest of Europe. Furthermore, it offers little comfort to the services sector or to scientific research networks. 

We also find it surprising that Mr Hammond states in his column that there is 'no clear consensus' amongst the correspondence he has received. At a meeting with the Committee of The European Movement in Wandsworth and Merton in November 2018 he told us that he had received more than 800 letters/emails from constituents supporting of a second referendum. He would surely have mentioned at the time the pro-Brexit letters, had there been anywhere near as many. 

There is only one credible option left: present the terms and implications of Theresa May’s deal to the people of the UK in a referendum so they can make an informed decision as to whether they still wish to leave the EU, or, as is becoming increasingly clear from recent polling, they decide the best deal is the one we already have. The most recent polling by YouGov, taken on January 16th, demonstrates a 12% lead for Remain over Leave. 

Stephen Hammond should stop trying to protect this humiliated and discredited Prime Minister and campaign for a People’s Vote on the final deal. He would then be respecting the wishes of the majority of not only his constituents but moreover the national sentiment as well. 

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