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Reaching the Step Target
21 Oct, 2018

On Saturday we marched together with 700,000 people for a People's Vote. My step counter said I reached my target, which may not have been entirely true, but we are surely on our way now.

Not even the BBC could ignore the massive turnout this time. Several brave MPs - who stand up to their official party line - fronted the march. The Wandsworth group were lucky to march just behind with our banner. Thank you every one who joined the march!

There are now so many MPs taking a stand for a further referendum that, according to The Times today, civil servants are already preparing for a scenario when the news will break.

Each and every person in the UK who has talked to their MPs about their Brexit concerns has contributed to this change in Westminster. It is when the parlamentarians hear their constituents' support for a People's Vote that they find courage to act. Please don't stop this important work.

In fact, Dr Allin-Khan, MP for Tooting, is asking her constituents to answer a survey on Brexit. If you live in Tooting, please click here to give her your reply. That doesn't have to stop you from also making an appointment to see her in surgery. Our local MPs need a steady stream of residents to visit them and show how much it means to us.

If you're uncertain how to do it, we'll coach you. Sign up here! If you've already been to see your MP, please let us know how it went.

Photo: Ana Cross / Shutterstock

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Helen Rennie-Smith
commented 2018-10-23 11:13:22 +0100
Hi Guy! That’s great news. I’ll send you an e-mail about it.
Guy Weston
commented 2018-10-22 02:09:08 +0100
I could go and see Siobhain McDonagh. Have you got any specific points you’d like me to raise?