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Our Voices in Parliament
04 Jun, 2020

The transition period urgently needs to be extended. What are our MPs doing about it?

While we have left the EU, until December 31st the UK is still in the Brexit Transition period, where regulations remain the same. The Government has not yet negotiated a new agreement with the EU, and there is a high risk of a no-deal Brexit. The Covid-19 pandemic has further delayed the negotiations.

There is an option for the UK and EU to agree on an extension to the transition period, but it must be done before 30 June this year. Parliament needs to put pressure on the Government to apply for an extension without delay. Contact your MP and make your voice heard!

We in the European Movement urge all our local MPs to speak out publicly on the need for an extension. We summarise their positions below, but we need more from them now. Here are just a few of the critical issues which are key to a trade deal. Ask your MP:

  • What would be a good outcome for the trade talks?
  • Which industries must it cover?
  • What should it be in terms of tariffs?
  • What about regulatory alignment?
  • What about access to markets?
  • What is the position with the pharmaceutical industries?
  • How can any of this be achieved with a no-deal Brexit?

Fleur Anderson has issued a statement on her website, but does it go far enough? If you are a Putney resident, please write to Ms Anderson to ask her elaborate and make a clear stand for an extension of the transition period.

Stephen Hammond has been consistent in his advocacy against a no deal and he has an old statement to this effect on his website. However, we cannot find any current statement from him to ask for an extension. If you are a resident of Wimbledon, please write to Mr Hammond 
and demand he clarifies his position. 

Battersea, Morden and Tooting
Marsha de Cordova, Siobhain McDonagh and Rosena Allin-Khan were all vocal against Brexit last year. Yet there are no official statements from them regarding extension of the transition period. If you live in their constituencies, please write to them and ask them to put pressure on their leadership in the Labour party as well as the Government.

We only have a few weeks, but your action can make the difference. Please write to your MP today!

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