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Open Letter To Stephen Hammond, MP
17 Dec, 2019

Dear Stephen Hammond,

Congratulations on retaining your seat in the election last week. However...

... we hope that you will acknowledge that the election result demonstrates that the overwhelming majority (32,288 compared to your 20,373) of Wimbledon voters supports a final say on EU membership, further to the 21,325 from Wimbledon who signed the petition to revoke Article 50 earlier this year. Indeed, more than 53% of voters nationally voted for parties that support a confirmatory ballot. Even though such a vote is now very unlikely, we will be looking to you to ensure that our local area and the country as a whole does not suffer in the coming months and years.

In particular, we have concerns the withdrawal agreement does not sufficiently protect the future rights of EU27 citizens currently residing in the UK, nor UK citizens resident in the other EU countries. Comments made by the Prime Minister during the election campaign about EU Citizens 'treating the UK as their home for too long' do nothing to allay these concerns. We have another Windrush in the making before we have even rectified the harm of the first. What steps will you be taking to make sure the Government addresses the concerns of the '3 Million Group'? And how will your Party's Government ensure that UK citizens who have built their lives and careers on the basis of free movement will have their rights guaranteed?

We are also worried for all British citizens, each and every one of us, who live in Britain where our Government is about to strip us of our EU citizenship with all the rights and benefits that come with it. Barbara Callender, a member of our committee, expressed her concerns - which we all share - about the Prime Minister's lack of compassion for ordinary people at Question Time aired from Wandsworth on 13 December. Will you stand up for your constituents against him and ensure the British people will not suffer after Brexit?

We continue to believe there is no benefit from Brexit, and that in the fullness of time the UK will rejoin the EU. In the meantime we will continue to expose the flawed reasoning of those who brought this about, and hope that we can count on you to advocate our views in Parliament.

Yours sincerely,
The Committee of the European Movement in Wandsworth and Merton

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Cllr Paul Kohler Wimbledon LibDemParl CandidatešŸ”¶
commented 2019-12-17 11:11:37 +0000
I completely agree with this letter. Thank you for sending it.