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It Works
11 Feb, 2018

We've been out in rain and shine the last few months to collect signatures for petitions. It's really exciting to see that it works.

First of all a big thank you to everyone who has signed one or several of the petitions we've been working with the last few months. And - of course - thank you to all campaign workers who have been out in good weather, and bad, to collect the signatures. It's amazing to see that our grass root actions actually have an impact.

In a way it's old news now, that Dominic Grieve's suggested amendment won thanks to 11 MPs who voted against the party whip. But that was an important turning point in Parliament's approach to the Brexit mess. Even if your local MP wasn't brave enough at the time, every single signature for a petition makes a difference to the bigger picture. Step by step we show the politicians that what the Government is negotiating isn't the will of the people.

Increasingly, more and more Britons see the advantages of staying in the EU. It is up to you and me to make sure that this message can be heard in Westminster, loud and clear. Come, help us carry on! It really does work.

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It Works
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