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How to Lobby Your MP
27 Sep, 2018

Maria Geftar and Jim Williams from the campaign group You Can Stop Brexit came to Putney on 24 September 2018 to guide us how to best lobby our MPs.

The workshop started with a session where we were given the opportunity to consider why the EU is important to us, personally. There were a great variety of reasons from macro perspectives like peace and the environment, personal experiences of studying and working in Europe and small, but important, details like pet passports and roaming charges.

We had several hands-on exercises before the evening was over. We stepped out a lot more confident that we can stop Brexit than when we walked in earlier the same evening.

You can do it, too!

The European Movement in Wandsworth now has a strategy for lobbying our MPs and you are a part of that. Make an appointment with your local MP and tell her why it is important to you and your neighbours that we - first - have a People's Vote and - second - revoke Article 50. We have no time to loose!

In fact, we won't stop Brexit without you!

And there are ten of us who can support you if you feel you need some coaching before you meet your MP. Sign up here if you want to join our MP visitors.

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Alban Thurston
commented 2018-10-18 11:09:56 +0100
Well done, chums! It sounds like a hugely informative, instructional, productive session. I wish I could have attended. I’m writing again to my MP, Wimbledon’s Stephen Hammond, using some of the tips you suggest. For this evening’s rushhour, Thursday 18 October, I’ll be leafletting outside Wimbledon station, recruiting for the People’s Vote March this Saturday 20th, starting from Noon on Park Lane. From which point will this Wandsworth & Merton EM branch be starting? PS ‘Saving Britain’, Will Hutton’s & Andrew Adonis’ exemplary, wise, wide-ranging & far-sighted book is required reading for all opposing Brexit. A page-turner; radical, cogent, merciful, generous and curative for ‘left-behind’ Leave-voting areas. Big attraction for me: Hutton & Adonis endorse a ‘Federal’ (sic !!!!) structure of mayors & regional big-wigs sitting in a replacement for the corrupt, bloated House of Lords, a replacement sitting in York, Leeds or anywhere as far from London as possible. Inspiration and a fast read!