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06 Dec, 2019

General Election 2019

Use tactical voting to stop a Conservative majority /Johnson government and to support a People’s

You probably know this already, but if you don’t OR if you need to explain it to family and friends, please read on.

Let’s say you know you don’t like Boris Johnson, but you are unsure who to vote for? It’s tricky. Our voting system lets someone win who does not share your views, but who gets more votes than any other candidate, even if they get less than the combined total of the others.

So, if the Conservatives get the highest number of votes out of any party, they will get in, even if more people together, vote for other parties.

Tactical voting means you back a party who is not your first choice, in order to stop the party you really don’t like, from winning. It is the only way to secure a People’s Vote, protect the NHS, keep free movement rights, save businesses – and stop Brexit.


We are following guidance from the People’s Vote HQ which has made recommendations in key seats in order to secure a majority in the next parliament for a People’s Vote. In Wandsworth and Merton we are promoting tactical voting in two of the five constituencies, Putney and Wimbledon.

In Putney, this means voting for Fleur Anderson of Labour, as the candidate with the strongest chance of winning and knocking out the Conservatives. A vote for any other party risks splitting the vote and letting in the Conservative candidate. The margins are so small! Justine Greening, the retiring Conservative/Independent MP strongly supported our People’s Vote campaign.

Tactical voting websites may sometimes give different advice, and of course the ultimate choice is yours but click here for a short video explaining the reasoning why these choices are likely to be most successful in Putney.

In Wimbledon, this means voting for Paul Kohler of the Liberal Democrats. It could just be sufficient to swing the seat away from the Conservatives. We could be looking at a public vote and Remaining in the EU. Stephen Hammond, the returning Independent/Conservative incumbent is supporting Johnson’s unrealistic deal and will not back a People’s Vote. Click here for a short video explaining the reasoning why these choices are likely to be most successful in Wimbledon.

For the rationale behind our tactical voting recommendations, please see the People’s Vote website.

Let like-minded people in your circle know about tactical voting. If you have Conservative Remainer friends, who don’t want to vote Conservative, but baulk at voting for a Corbyn-led Labour, even though it’s the only way to stop the Conservatives in their constituency … OR if you have Labour friends, who don’t want to vote for the Lib Dems, even when they are best placed to beat the Conservatives where they live, try to persuade them to hold their nose and vote tactically.

This is our last chance to stop Brexit.

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