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Give Wandsworth a Voice
18 Jan, 2018

We all know that Wandsworth was one of the most pro-remain voting areas in the EU Referendum in June 2016. But what is it like now? Make sure your voice is heard in the Brexit debate!

The European Movement in Wandsworth would like to hear your views as they stand now, 18 months later. We do this in two steps.

Step one is a survey, aimed at companies, businesses and other employers in the borough. The purpose of this survey is to gather facts and get an idea of how life after Brexit is perceived by these local stakeholders. It has 11 short questions and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete.

The second step is an anonymous opinion poll, where the respondents can give their personal views on Brexit. This poll is aimed at everyone who lives and/or works in Wandsworth. This one has only 8 questions and is even quicker to take.

We’ll give Wandsworth a voice in the Brexit debate. Give us your opinion now! Take the survey for businesses and organisations or go straight to the opinion poll if you prefer.

Both the survey and the poll closed on 17 February 2018. The results will be published in March.

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Hakan Yaylagul
followed this page 2018-02-16 16:32:22 +0000
S Henshaw
commented 2018-01-21 14:15:23 +0000
A subdivided large grey cloud lurks over the Brexiteers, comprising of elite remainers stealing the Brexit wheel. An EU elite that knows it will lose out and a socialist/communism waiting for a quick power grab, all democratically washing the path for the Islamification of the west. British dual citizens appear split in two. Personally as a Brexiteer. All I require is that the land remains in the footsteps of my decendants after their British ancestors. ( I,m certainly not a Russian either). If Brexit does for real become available. Please could the PM at the time, let me know. Thankyou.