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Game, Set, Match - we conquer Wimbledon
09 Mar, 2018

The Borough of Merton voted overwhelmingly for Remain in 2016, like most of London.

And, like the rest of us, most people in Merton decided to give leavers a chance to explain what Brexit meant for the Great Britain & Northern Ireland, our neighbours and our many affected UK and EU citizens, here and living in Europe. 20 months later the people has had enough of a miserable running series of crises within the government, whilst millions of people have had their lives suspended and numerous businesses their investment plans postponed as a former Merton councillor (and now PM) toys with their rights and investment certainty.

People across Wandsworth have been campaigning since soon after the Prime Minister made her infamous and ill judged "citizens of nowhere" speech and when it became clear the government was not interested in bringing along people who voted Remain. We began running a series of campaign days, public talks and social events to support pro Europeans across the Borough. In late 2017 we consolidated into a new organisation, European Movement Wandsworth, a new branch of the European Movement, which is a voluntary organisation founded by Churchill and others in 1947.

As there was no prior Wandsworth or Merton branch, many of the new members were from Merton. For this reason and following local MP Steve Hammond's courageous rebellion over Amendment 7, we decided to send a large team of volunteers from Merton and Wandsworth to talk to commuters by Wimbledon Station on 27 January. The reaction from locals was amazing, not only were they extremely interested in our NHS/Save Euratom campaign, we were asked repeatedly when we were going to have local meetings and more action days. There was a strong desire for someone to get things moving so we quickly set up a social event at a local Wimbledon pub for last Wednesday and began promoting the event across Merton.

Our goal is to help build a local campaign for Merton and to support it anyway we can, as neighbours and members of European Movement. StrongerIn had a great team of local volunteers during the referendum and we feel that there is no reason why the borough should not rebuild this infrastructure and widen the fight back. However this time it's different, it is grassroots first, in stark contrast to the leave establishment running the government and newspapers. We are all volunteers who devote free time to building a voice for those who voted remain and want the best for Britain by remaining in the EU instead of the chaotic and divisive mess we find ourselves in trying to exit the EU. We are focused on the local message and the local campaign. If there is a second referendum we will be ready and so will Merton.

Why not join us? European Movement Wandsworth and other pro-European groups exist all over London. Either become a member or sign up to our email lists or Facebook accounts so you can keep up to date with the campaign and how you can help save Britain. Our next campaign day is 24 March and we will also be running further meetings and events in Merton and Wandsworth during the next few months. If you want to do something in the interim, then why not write to your local MP or councillors and ask that they represent everyone, not just the lucky the victors. We can help with templates if you need it.

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