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Faux BoJo Supports the Brexitometer in Balham
16 Oct, 2018

European Movement in Wandsworth & Merton had another very productive session this Saturday on the streets of Balham.

Windswept but sunny conditions were a stark contrast to heavy rain in Morden the previous week, and lots of passers-by stopped for a chat, and to take part in our Brexitometer survey.

Many long conversations came out of vocational concerns - one local resident had recently been moved to a four-day week contract, and a health worker explained how EU labour mobility rules had been instrumental in helping her build a career in her chosen specialism.

Results on the Brexitometer once again took a familiar pattern, with very few participants predicting a positive outcome, and a groundswell of support for a People's Vote.

Part way through our session none other than former Foreign Office Boris Johnson entered the fray. Renouncing his support for Brexit, his contribution was a act of repentance in the form of song and stand-up routine, much to the entertainment of on-lookers, recording the moment on their phones.

All too soon he was departed for his next destination, on tour in the build-up for the People's Vote March for the Future next Saturday the 20th. Awareness of the march is growing by the day, and many of the people we met were planning to attend - stay tuned for the Wandsworth and Merton plans for the big day!

A video of Faux BoJo's appearance is available in our Facebook group.

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