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Dinner with Charles Tannock
03 Oct, 2018

The Friday before the Conservative Party Conference Charles Tannock, MEP, managed to fit a dinner with us into his busy schedule.


We were thrilled to hear him talk about his work in the European Parliament and at the same time sorry to realise that Britain may be leaving this successful pan-European co-operation if the Brexiteers get their way. Mr Tannock emphasised his worry about the intolerance that is spreading in public debate and the media.

After the dinner our speaker tweeted: "I was pleased to speak tonight at a fund-raising event for euromove in Wandsworth & Merton, meeting members of the independent, cross-party organisation committed to keeping the UK in the EU, along with activists from other pro-European organisations in south-west London."


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Alban Thurston
commented 2018-10-03 13:04:00 +0100
Charles Tannock spoke cogently at length & from the heart, a highly creditable, highly credible Conservative politician of honour, abstaining from the May government’s support at Strasbourg of Hungary’s fascist Orban, appalled at how the party of a pro-European like Churchill, founder of the European Movement, has become hi-jacked by the ideologues, fiddlers, willful ignoramuses & covertly funded Liberatarian sociopaths of Brexit. I write this as a Green, at the end of a Tory party conference, where trimmers & pole-shinners like our Foreign Secretary have invoked the ire of our East European friends & even his own FCO mandarins, by comparing Brussels to the Red Army, where a Tory PM asks us to celebrate her tearing away – as leader of a minority UK government – of Britons’ EU-guaranteed freedom of movement across the EU, and where a woman once intellectually taxed by her leadership of Merton’s education committee denies Britain the right to vote on the terms of the cluster-f88k ‘no deal’ a succession of her wooden-top ministers have been aiming through their 2 years of negotiating failure. A PM who in her conference speech fetes Britain’s trading opportunities with Kenya, thousands of miles distant, and with a growing economy, yet still utterly miniscule beside our closer partners scores of miles from Dover. Beyond laughable, a party putting .. well – Party before Country, Conservitism before the Union. Sane Britons can still avoid Brexit, if only to avoid the abject non-spectacle of a nose-rubbing Festival of Brexit, a kind of end-of-the-pier show for nearly-dead throwbacks to Britain’s monochrome 1950s.