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Alabama 3 for 4 Freedoms
23 Oct, 2018

Last Friday night we gathered in Loughborough Junction's Whirled Cinema for the launch party of the Four Freedoms Pale Ale, a project between Clarkshaws Brewery and a group of South London pro Europeans. Playing for us was an ensemble made up of local band, the Alabama Three's membership. We had a great night and we are really pleased that over one hundred people came from across London, including Wandsworth and Merton, to share the night with us.

Roughly a year ago three of us commissioned a beer from our local craft brewery on a small run, to then share out among our friends and fellow campaigners. This beer was called the Four Freedoms, a play on the now all too familiar term  which describes our relationship with Europe but more importantly an amusing name for our project. We had a lot of fun working with the brewers, Clarkshaws of Loughborough Junction and the beer was received positively by all. 
We decided, after discussing with the brewers, that we would be happy to see the beer have a wider commercial run. The label designer was on board and so we all got to work. We agreed to promote the beer to our wider circles in Wandsworth & Merton and Lambeth and arrange a launch party. Fast forward a few months and it had all got a bit grander. One of our volunteers had arranged for the band to come play and we now needed a much bigger venue. We also had a lot of support from the European Movement itself, who were pleased that we had found a fun project to work on locally.
These are some press reviews:
We also decided to invite local politicians as despite our movement being cross party and unaffiliated with political parties, we do value supportive politicians who share our values and who publicly support our cause. Mary Honeyball MEP and Helen Hayes MP both attended, as well as local councillors from Lambeth. Both Mary and Helen spoke as well, both noting that we were demonstrative of a more emotional and more positive pro European movement.
This is an important point to emphasise. We have been working hard for nearly 3 years now to preserve our relationship with European and the European Union. We've campaigned for Remain, to stay, for membership of the Single Market, to protect our NHS. We're working to make the case for reconsidering the decision made in 2016. We're supporting the People's Vote. But it's all for nothing if we cannot make a positive case for it all and have fun doing so. 
This is why projects like the Four Freedoms Pale Ale are important and we hope we can do more fun activities like this in the future.
If you are interested in buying the beer, please contact Clarkshaws Brewery. Ten percent of the sale price will be donated to the European Movement.

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