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What Can I Do

We had the referendum about Brexit. We were lied to. They over-spent their legal budget to spread their lies. But done is done, right? Nothing I can do.

Yes you can!

But you need to act now. Please don't wait. And please, please tell your friends, family, colleagues and anyone else to do the same.

1. Write to your MP. An e-mail is ok, but a letter or a postcard has bigger impact. If you like to write a letter, follow this link. If you prefer e-mail, you'll find a template e-mail here.

2. Even better is to go and talk to your MP. We have a network of people to support you if you'd like to give it a go. Read more about it!

3. We don't have much time. A quicker way is to leave a voice mail today. Use the Final Say App!

4. Come and join our campaign activities! See our event page for what we're planning the next few weeks.

5. Last but definitely not least, please join as a member! The more paid-up members we have, the louder and more convincing is our voice with decision makers. Every single member matters. You matter.

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Tracy Evans
followed this page 2019-09-01 19:53:29 +0100
Best forall
commented 2019-08-05 23:17:48 +0100
It’s difficult to really see how this is going to pan out. If we look at this on basic principle the answer just seems so easy but when complicated economics comes into the question what is the right answer and how do we as a nation really get informed on the topics to even understand what is being asked of us?

We operate a local loft conversion company in around Wandsworth:

It would be great to have a regular local consultation on the issues so things aren’t polarised and we build understanding to address the issues in a decent way.
Sam Featherston Featherston
commented 2019-05-28 23:02:22 +0100
Brexit demeans Britain. Let’s stop the misguided fanatics before they damage Britain even more.
Qahir Makhani
commented 2019-05-09 09:13:04 +0100
So they break the law and we can’t demand revocation?
If someone robs your house, I take it that you will let them keep it until you can win it back from them in court?
Can you please stop with the doublespeak and pick a side? If you say we are running out of time and acknowledge that crimes have been committed, why are you so hellbent on not holding the criminals accountable?