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What Can I Do

We had the referendum about Brexit. We were lied to. They over-spent their legal budget to spread their lies. But done is done, right? Nothing I can do.

Yes you can!

But you need to act now. We have only a few weeks before Parliament votes, and by then we need to have convinced enough MPs.

1. Write to your MP. An e-mail is ok, but a letter or a postcard has bigger impact. If you like to write a letter, follow this link. If you prefer e-mail, you'll find a template e-mail here.

2. Even better is to go and talk to your MP. We have a network of people to support you if you'd like to give it a go. Read more about it!

3. We don't have much time. A quicker way is to leave a voice mail today. Use the Final Say App!

4. Come and join our campaign activities! See our event page for what we're planning the next few weeks.

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