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A Warm Welcome in the Freezing Cold
10 Dec, 2017

Some twenty remainers wrapped up warm and came out into the fresh winter sunshine in Putney on 9 December. What motivated us was to gather names for a petition and to let people know that it is not yet too late to stop Brexit.

Campaigners braving the freezing coldIt was well below zero when we started setting up the station for European Movement's Action Day in Putney on 9 December. Luckily, our ardent campaigners were not put off by a little bit of cold.

Putney citizens queuing up to sign the petition.We had a fantastically positive welcome by Christmas shoppers and market goers. Many even came up spontaneously and asked if they could sign the petition and we gathered hundreds of names in only a few hours.

Our main message on this Action Day was that it is not yet too late to stop Brexit, a fact that surprises a lot of people. They are much cheered when we tell them that they can make a difference by signing petitions and writing to their MPs. If you haven't written to your MP yet, please do so. If you are unsure how to go about it, use this guide.

The more that write to their MPs, the better chance we have to stop this disaster. Once you've written your letter, please tell all your friends and family members to do the same.

It is possible to make a difference, but we have to work together.

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