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A Box full of Thank Yous
29 Oct, 2018

On Saturday 28 October the Wandsworth branch of the European Movement (EMW) set up stall by Putney Market, with the Brexitometer taking centre stage. The Brexitometer is a chart with a number of questions, where people are invited to put a sticker to show if they think life will be better or worse after Brexit. In no time at all, passers-by were queuing up to make their mark.

At the same time, EMW campaigners invited Putney residents to write thank you notes to Justine Greening, the local MP, for supporting a referendum or ‘People’s Vote’ on the final Brexit deal. One woman commented: “Usually, campaigns are just about demanding this or the other, but doing a thank you campaign is a really positive thing.”

Another person said: “I don’t like the Tories, but I’ll sign a thank you card because Justine Greening is very brave standing up for her constituency.”

Helen Rennie-Smith, chair of the Wandsworth European Movement said: “We want to show our MP that her constituents appreciate her stand for a further referendum and at the same time remind her of the importance to stand by that promise when Parliament votes on it.”

Towards the end of the action Ms Greening came by also to make her mark on the Brexitometer. She was surprised to be presented with a letterbox full of thank you messages.

Justine Greening pledged: “I keep talking to my colleagues in Parliament, particularly those who are not quite sure about another referendum. Right now Parliament is stuck in a stalemate. The only solution left is to take the final Brexit decision out of the hands of deadlocked politicians, away from the backroom deals and give it back to the people to decide.”

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