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A Bag Full of Thank Yous
27 Feb, 2019

A very successful campaign day in Tooting Broadway resulted in a bag full of cards for local MP Rosena Allin-Khan. Constituents had been offered to write a thank you note to their MP because she supports the People’s Vote.

On Tuesday a small delegation of the Committee of EMW&M had the opportunity to meet with Dr Allin-Khan in Westminster. When we handed over the bag of thank yous she was clearly touched and amazed how many people had bothered to stop by our street stall to write her a message.

“This is worth more than all the trolls in the world,” she exclaimed and admitted that she, like so many other of her colleagues, is regularly haunted by online hate speech.

We went on to talk about the Labour Party’s stand on a People’s Vote and how she is working hard to promote the idea. She emphasised that she understands colleagues from Leave areas who are reluctant to embrace a further referendum, but also said that Parliament needs to let the people have a say on the final withdrawal agreement from the EU.

Dr Allin-Khan cannot see any urgency for herself to leave the Labour Party as some other pro-EU MPs did last week. She thinks it is better to stay and try to change things from within.

“After all, basic Labour values are so important to change society and living conditions for people. I’m not prepared to give that up.”

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Maciej Psyk
commented 2019-03-10 22:15:05 +0000
Great job, everyone!